Thanks for all of your support... Unfortunately we're now closed.

Many of you will have heard the (correct) rumours that we are closing down and that this weekend will be the final orders.

It has been an incredible journey to have made - from nothing four years ago - to a multi award winning brewery with an Internationally renowned Brewster as well.

But there was just too much seasonality in West Dorset, and too many Micro-breweries (if we are honest) and we blinked first / second. We just COULD NOT make a living. We hope others will fare better.

So our tremendous Brewster Emma is now with the very nice people at Gyle59 Brewery in Thorncombe. Our bottle labelling machine is being well utilised by those fine folks at Town Mill Brewery, the test-kit has gone to Wexford in Ireland - and my wonderful 2.5BBL Brewkit is likely going to the Netherlands for the next chapter in it's life. Veel Geluck m'vriendje.

A big thank-you to everyone who supported us and believed in us over the past few years.

If you ever tried our beers - thank you! If you didn't then you missed out (but try one from the other guys mentioned above..)

Special thanks to Emma, Ben, Diana, Keith, Lorna, James, Sam, Alice, Grace, Alistair, Natalie, Rosa, Lily, Josh & Sam - and of course Karen who never put a foot wrong and promoted beer at every step!


The future?? Never say never, but just at the moment I need to go and do something else for a while.

It was always a giant leap - but for a few years it was a Mighty Hop too!